The photographic section “The Garden” deals with the concepts of place and memory in relation to the garden, as part of urban and not only architecture.
Time, the only indisputable judge, leaves its mark in every way and composes, recalls or recycle the history of each “place”. Memory as key element in determining the identity of a place leaves its traces in everything around, whether in material of intangible form.
This memory exists.
Often resisting oblivion or having become part of routine situation that makes it indistinguishable.
Sometimes confirming the condition of the palimpsest of the place and other times having imposed on it the same elements that compose it, creating a new condition-situation.
In the above process emotional states and events, such as happiness and sorrow, birth and death, alternate as acts of repetition.
The need for the birth of new memories exists and continues to create its own new places, continuing its own eternal cycle.
Just like nature does.
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