He was born in Athens in 1984. He lives and works in Thessaloniki. He studied Finance & Accounting and he is a postgraduate in Business Administration. The first substantial contact with the art of photography was in 2009 and since then systematically deals. He has presented his work in exhibitions in Greece and Abroad and he cooperated as curator in the International exhibition "For a common narrative" in 2018. His photos have been published in magazines and books. 

exhibitions (selected)

06.16 - Days of Photography, Cacak, Serbia
03.17 - Labattoirs, French Institute, Thessaloniki, Greece
05.17 - Refugiados en Europa: Grecia país de acogida, Lima, Peru
06.18 - Aspects of Balkan Photography: For a common narrative, Thessaloniki, Greece (curator)
01.19 - Photography Meeting, Nicosia, Cyprus
06.22 - Everything is Narrative, Detroit, USA 
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